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Day #14: Post a poster.

Before I head off to church, I wanted to share my deed for the day. (I’m on a month-long mission to do one deed a day to help end modern slavery in America and outside it, as well). It’s a simple one.

If you head out to any public place today—a restaurant, a library, your place of worship—ask them if you could possibly post a flier or postcard with pertinent information related to fighting human trafficking.

There are many resources happy to help you. For instance, the one you see above is from UNICEF (an organization I’ve loved since I was at least 8!) You can post the toll-free, 24-hour National Human Trafficking hotline (1-888-373-7888) around your neighborhood or anywhere else you can think of.

There are several other options, too, for countries outside the US. The A21 Campaign also offers posters for you to place in conspicuous, useful places in countries where sex trafficking is epidemic.

Just, you know … be sure to ask permission first. It would be a shame if someone tore it down because you didn’t ask!

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