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Day #12: Sign Up to Speak Up


One of the most distressing discoveries I ever made was the realization that my home state—home to the Ohio river that, once signified freedom was within reach—is an especially active hub for human trafficking within the US.

You may have discovered something similar about your own home state.

I would like to make a suggestion, if I may.

I think many of us discover we’re pretty good at public speaking. For some of us, it may begin early, with Speech and Debate club in high school. For others, perhaps we fall into it because of a work presentation, or a project in college, or some other life happenstance that forces us into this role. For me, I’ve adored public speaking since I gave the valedictory speech at my high school graduation, and when I went on to become a broadcaster, I continued to enjoy speaking in front of both televised and non-televised audiences!

So for Day 12 of my month-long commitment to help end modern slavery, I decided to put that talent to use again. I contacted a local organization—the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking—and showed them my previous work, and asked if I could be of use to them. They heartily agreed, and sent me a bunch of brochures along with a form to sign up for a class in about a month, where they would teach me the nuts and bolts of the message they hope to convey to audiences.

If any of this appeals to you, just visit the Polaris Project state map to find what resources exist in your state and your region. Then shoot them an email or ring them up, and ask if they have any public speaking opportunities, and if you can help them raise awareness in the area.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to get back behind a podium again. Especially for a cause that deserves as much vocalization as this cause.

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