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What about White History Month?!

Everyone has that friend—or, sadly, relative—they’d like to stuff in a closet and pretend they don’t know. You know, the person who asks the same tedious, hackneyed questions every February. Like they’re the first one to think of it. Or the first person to regurgitate the question from Rush Limbaugh’s show.

"But what about White History Month?! Isn’t it racist to have a month devoted to them, if we’re all supposed to be equal, now?!”

These are usually the same cretins demanding to know why there’s a BET and no WET (despite what such an unfortunate acronym would spell out, these supporters of the concept don’t usually think that far into it).

Thankfully, now you have a response. Just send them this video.

As an aside, the video creator makes some articulate points, although I think he belabors the white privilege concept a bit. It gets a little tiresome toward the end, but that’s my only main complaint.

The only addendum I would posit is that we should have months for other minority groups, too.

Because, you know. We white folks have oppressed a lot of people. Just sayin’.

As for the original argument itself—why is there no White History Month?—my only answer has always been this:

As the only historians for most of America’s existence, you could argue every month has been white history month since our nation’s birth.

Every day of every month of every year has been White G*dd*mn History Month.

And thank goodness we’re finally fixing that.

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