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Day #10: Tell state lawmakers kids aren’t criminals. Pass Safe Harbor laws.


Every day, local police pick up victims of sex trafficking and prosecute them for prostitution. Emphasis on victims. They’re not in their position by choice. Does that sound fair to you?

For today’s deed in the month-long journey to fight modern slavery, all I’m asking is that you sign one petition to encourage lawmakers to pass Safe Harbor laws.

These laws define these sexually exploited children as victims of abuse, help them find protection and support, and grant them immunity from prosecution for prostitution while they are under 18 years of age.

Safe Harbor laws also can increase funding for specialized services like long-term housing, mental health care, educational support, and job training to help these children recover. Thirty-nine states lack these basic Safe Harbor protections – including Texas, Michigan, Nebraska, and Louisiana. Every state can do more to increase services for child victims of sex trafficking.

Adding your name to this effort requires no money and no additional commitment from you—just sign the petition, and you’re done. What could be easier?

Sign away. I just did.

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