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Day 5 of February Challenge: Be an abolitionist or advocate.


For Day 5 of my February challenge to end modern slavery, I stuck to an extremely simple, money-free task. I joined the A23 Campaign as an “advocate.”

You can do the same, or join as an “abolitionist” instead.

The difference is merely age.

Here’s the difference, as explained by the A21 Campaign site:

Abolitionists are middle or high school students who take action through starting an abolition group, raising awareness, or fundraising. 

A21 Advocates can be university students, church members, or community groups who want to make a difference. Start an advocacy group, raise awareness, and fundraise!

… basically, the difference is whether you’re under or over 18, but the ultimate result is the same: joining together with like-minded people for future efforts geared toward raising awareness or fundraising in the name of ending human trafficking. Sign up today, and you’ll hear from them when an event is upcoming. It only takes 5 seconds. 

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