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Day #9 of the Challenge: Join me with Lincoln.

Are you with Lincoln?

On a personal note, Abraham Lincoln has long been my favorite president. Even to the point where I wanted (still want) to name my first son after him. And 150 years ago, Lincoln helped free the slaves.

Can we do the same again, in his name?

After all, it was only last week that we honored his birthday. And this week, a movie about him is up for an academy award. His name is synonymous with emancipation, and that’s why we celebrate him. But as far as I can see, we’re celebrating an ideal that we haven’t achieved, because today, there are more slaves than ever. And they’re in America. Right under our noses.

It’s called human trafficking.

#ImWithLincoln is a campaign to ask Senators to make freedom a priority by doubling annual funding spent to address this crime. This isn’t about more spending; it’s about better spending.

For Day 9 of my February challenge to end modern slavery, visit, and tell Congress you’re with Lincoln. And that they should be, too.

All you have to do is click that red button. I just did. Join me.


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